Royalty free and rights managed stock photos: a basic guide

In case you’ve been looking for photos that you can use on your site, you have probably found some royalty free images and rights managed images. So, do you know what makes these photos different? Do you know what these terms mean?

Let’s start with right managed images. These are the images that people are buying for a specific use at a certain price. There is a unique concept related to these images. Namely, by using right managed images you are actually renting these images. You can use them on your website, but you can’t sell them or use them for something else. The final price of each image like this is associated with the way you are planning to use it. For instance, there is one price for those who want to use the image on their website and another for those who want to use the same image on a printed flyer. The main advantage of using images like this is the fact that you will probably avoid seeing the same image on another website or printed publication promoting a different product. Obviously, the greatest disadvantage is the fact that you will have to pay a certain amount of money.

On the other hand, royalty free images are usually free images or images that people can buy outright. You can get such images in bulk or as single images. Keep in mind that these images come with some restrictions and limitations.  It’s good to mention that the price depends on the size of the image. Obviously, you will need better quality (size) if you want to print the image. You can use a smaller version on your website, blog, forum or another form of online presentation.

In case you are still wondering what kind of images you need, you should think about the price. There are some absolutely free photos found online. If you are creating a website or another project on a budget, this option is worth it. Many people believe that they can’t find high-quality free photos, but that’s wrong. There are dozens of websites specialized in sharing free photos. Use the most popular ones to find what you are looking for. The most popular sites of this kind have efficient search engines and they have categorized their collections of photos by topic, size, date, author and other characteristics.


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